When I first started thinking about my documentary ideas, my initial thought was to do something based on music. At the time, Lady Gaga’s new album, “Joanne”, had just been released – my first thought was to do something based on that. I immediately thought of a friend from school, Sean. He joined in sixth form and one of the first things I learnt about him was his love and obsession for her and I wanted to know more. So I decided to ask around and see what people thought of ‘superfans’. I started texting friends and everyone said; intimidating, or obsessive and so on.

I began my research and found some research into the correlation between music and behaviour, specifically by music psychologist Professor Tuomas Eerola at the University of Durham. The article that I found the most useful and ended up using as the basis of my research is “What makes music emotionally significant? Exploring the underlying mechanisms” (Juslin, P.N., Harmat, L. and Eerola, T. (2013) ‘What makes music emotionally significant? Exploring the underlying mechanisms’, Psychology of Music, 42(4), pp. 599–623. doi: 10.1177/0305735613484548.)

In my research, I found that reading the chapter “Unreality Radio” by Natalie Kestecher was very helpful in the sense that it I understood the perspective that I was trying to take. Kestecher suggested that stories allowed the audience to experience and connect with parts of life that they otherwise would not be able to. So, when planning my story, I decided that I wanted to tell it in a way that would be revealing to the audience. As being a superfan tends to be associated with negative connotations, I wanted to, in a sense, prove them wrong and show that it can be a positive thing.

By showing Sean’s story and backing it up with research and an interview from Professor Eerola will allow the audience to experience it together and further explore that lifestyle and perhaps encourage them to show what they are experiencing without the fear of being judged.

I also wanted to link it to Castells idea of the new economy and that it is ‘informational’. This is in order to inform a group of people about something that they may not fully understand. In this new world of technology, this is a good thing for people to get as it was built around technology.

Overall, I think that these readings aided my digital story.