It is interesting to point out that most of the Facebook users, are actually ‘frequent’ users ( 75% out of 87% in 2009) , meaning that they visit this platform often and engage on it. Even though I am not a big fan of Facebook,  I think that I also fall under this group of people that use Facebook frequently to connect with others. Although I barely post anything in there I visit it daily.

But what started to bother me and actually make me feel uncomfortable is that Facebook wants me to get more active on the platform. The thing that shocked me was when I went online to check the news feed and the images from my photo library appeared in the feed. Thanks God, they were not posted, even though at first it looked like they were, but what happened was that Facebook was asking me to share those photos with my friends. I got really upset, because I felt like this social media platform is interfering my privacy. The photos on my phone is something that is really private to me, so when they appeared on the feed it made me angry.

Perhaps, I make it sound too dramatic, but this is how I felt by this tiny thing that Facebook did. From one side there is nothing bad in the fact that Facebook wants to make it’s users more active and more engaging on the platform, however I feel that there is not any necessity in nudging people to do something what they don’t want. I believe that I should post whenever I feel like and I don’t want anyone to encourage me doing it.

As Kirkpatrick has stated: “The older you are, the more likely you are to find Facebook’s exposure of personal information intrusive and excessive.” I would only agree with the second part of the sentence, because ‘the older you are the less you want to share your life on social media’ is not true as there are lots of examples of adults who reveal too much of their personal lives on social media comparing to millennials. However, the fact that the way Facebook want us to share as much as we can  in my opinion is really ‘intrusive and excessive’. But at the end of the day everyone has a right to decide how much they should share. I think it truly depends on who you are as a person and what your intentions are when you are sharing something. My question to you is -why do you think we share our personal lives with others online? Maybe, we seek some attention, or maybe we just love to communicate with others in this way, or there could be many other reasons to do so.It would interesting to see your thoughts on that 🙂