You probably know who Edward Snowden is. And you probably know why he’s one of the main exponents of the surveillance topic within the media. Why do we know about ex-NSE employee Edward Snowden? Because of the papers.

Edward Snowden decided to sell his information, his discovers to international papers to make people aware of how society is being watched at all times; such a clever move right?

It’s true that the media, especially press is reporting about surveillance but it’s not very accurate or complete. When we think about surveillance we think about the government, we think about cameras all of our streets, shops and cars … but what about corporations? What about Facebook using our details even when we’ve deleted our account? What about Google using our IP address to generate cookies and sell stuff to us?
Is press covering these issues? I honestly don’t think so and I don’t know if you guys agree with me. But if you want to find out about out how corporations are controlling society, the only form of information is definitely … Google. How odd?

So yeah, I think press should cover more the topic Surveillance within corporations and how society can take a step back and control its privacy.

Is press moving towards a better source? Or we’re still a bit backwards?
Well, after the tragedy of 9/11 papers published an enormous amount of spy programs invented by Patriot Act sweeping up the phone and electronic communications of virtually all Americans.

Also The Free Press Action Fund helped found the Stop Watching Us coalition, which launched a petition calling for NSA accountability and legal reforms to protect our privacy. Close to 600,000 individuals and hundreds of organizations have signed on.

Unfortunately, fighting the surveillance sector along with the intelligence sector (in my opinion) is quite impossible. Devices and spy programs are secrets and studied by experts whom argue that surveillance is sometimes a positive aspect of our society.
Wikileaks leaked this sector is worth more than 5 billion dollars.

I read Chapter one of SuperVision: An Introduction to the Surveillance Society by John G. which explains how using a smartphone nowadays, it can be a passepartout to our life.

Finding out more about corporations monitoring our society, via press is still a long way .. But not impossible. posted a few weeks ago how US press is going to disclose secret surveillance orders made by Yahoo, which has been secretly scanned every user’s email in the last 10 years. If you think about it, how creepy is that?

La Presse, a Canadian newspaper has recently reported on how one its reporter has been “spied” on his iPhone to check on what he was investigating on. Reporter Patrick Lagacé commented as “serious attack in the freedom of press”.


So as you can see with these two cases, press is not fully covering a lot still but it’s making his way up to what it should be like. I have faith, especially because I am a journalism student.

What are your thought on this? How are you familiar with this topic?
Have you found out of any interesting case?