Reading the novel “1984” by George Orwell, I came into a quote saying that freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength. What really impressed me in this quote was that it is so relevant to our society structure today and to the topic of surveillance. We are absolutely aware of the fact that we are being watched, but we still continue to close our eyes to this fact as it makes us stronger in believing that we are free, when in fact we live in slavery.

A great example of surveillance is Facebook – a platform where all users share their information freely and let everyone have access to it. By everyone I do not mean our friends, but those who store our information and use it for purposes which are only beneficial for themselves. Those could be governments, advertisers, etc. – those who have the power to make decisions for us – the Facebook users. Don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the way Facebook is build and how it grows – we share what we know, feel and want by choice and let someone else take advantage of it. It is a smart way of creating business and engaging the customers in such a way that they want you to take control over them. However, it is an absolute example of freedom being slavery and ignorance being strength.

Secondly, another great example of surveillance would be the CCTV cameras which we can spot all over London and in other cities, as well. What I noticed is that people in London are feeling secure of actually being watched and prefer the city to be like that, as it is supposed to be safer. What we do not tend to think about though is that we are not being watched only because our governments are trying to protect us, we are being watched mainly because they want to protect themselves, hence they need to control every city’s population.

To sum up, I believe the reason for us to still live in a society in which we are being watched and controlled is that we feel as if there is someone above us, who takes care of putting our day to day live into order. We enjoy having the fake freedom of making our own decisions but at the same time to have someone who will take care of taking control over us as a society.