In the amidst of the past century, a time span consisting of the Armenian Genocide, two world wars, the Cold War and last but not the least, the Iraq war, the surveillance society has evolved significantly at a rapid pace. From the times of print being the only form of media in the early nineteenth century, a time where the only form of surveillance existing was the practical inspection, to this digital age where everything revolves around the touch of our fingers, surveillance has played a big role in making this society what it is today.

According to a CCTV survey done back in 2013, there is one surveillance camera for every eleven people in the UK, making an estimate of 5.9 million cameras in the country. This is a proposition the government believes will keep a tab on the fellow criminals and the terrorists at bay. A justifiable proposition, considering on how the CCTV incorporation has helped reduce crime rates in the past 30 years.

Social media is another industry which uses surveillance in a large amount. Being one of the fastest growing industries in the past ten years, social media has certainly found different ways to incorporate a method to survey users and provide services per their liking.

Cookies help users surf the internet with ease, soaking in information of what a user searches on the internet and advertising products per his needs. Online platforms like Facebook and Snapchat are capable of tracking the user’s information and manipulating it accordingly, and we are giving them the power to do so. But, at the same time, these social media platforms provide their extended services at no costs and we are very happy and use them, despite knowing the fact that we are potentially putting our entire privacy in the hands of these multi millionaire social media entrepreneurs.

Too many questions, but no justifiable answers. A future bright for the social media industry and surveillance society. Somebody has rightly said, with great power, comes great responsibility.

Rays of bright sunshine, or a dark social media passenger. Comment down below on what you think the future holds.