With more and more advancements in technology it has inevitably caused our society to continuously transform. Society relies so heavily on all forms of technology and it is continuously shaping society. Manuel Castells argues that networks help us understand social order and are a very powerful element within society. Networks have gone from local to global and has surpassed its former limitations.

The network society has us all connected but we as a society would prefer to belong to the ‘information society.’ The fact that networks are no longer dominated by one person or a social group showcases the difference in today’s society this has led to changes within social dynamics. Networks used to be limited by geography and science and due to the advancements in technology todays network society has caused society to not be attached to specific space but has allowed for communication to be free flowing without limitations and borders.

Castells optimistic view about the network society he explains that social networks are not a new but there is a difference in a network society that there wasn’t before. Social networks are driven by microelectronic communication technologies. Castells positivity extends to all aspects of life and how we as a society have found a way to connect everyone fully and have created a way of strong communication. The network society and social media has allowed us to become one cohesive society instead of a society full of limitations and boundaries. Before web 2.0 to was impossible to share content and create content. Castells refers to the timelessness of technology and its affects. You can be updated within a second about what’s going on locally and globally. When reflecting on my groups magazine POPCORN. We didn’t feel restricted when conducting interviews as the internet was our ‘best friend’.

As our generation has grown up with technology continuously advancing we decided to make sure the majority of our content featured technology and its products for example Instagram. One of my articles was about how an artist has decided to use Instagram as a way to generate business. We relied heavily on the internet to share our work between each other as well as communicate with those featured within our magazine. We also created several media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter.  The fact that society has become so engaged with technology it can be believed that the Network society no longer exists due to the fact that social media itself has globalised western influences and ideas globally due to staying connected. Castells theory has helped us to understand where we are heading as a society.

With the internet constantly expanding and more and more people creating social media platforms there is going to be even more up to date way to communicate with each other than there is now. Even though our magazine is not a part of the network society as it will be a printed publication its content would not be possible without the use of the internet.