Since it’s creation the internet has been an integral part of our society, and in 2017 children can use the internet before they can properly speak. In his article, Manuel Castells says that social networks themselves are not a new concept. The difference in a network society is that social networks are driven by micro- electronic communication technologies. For example the internet.

Castells is very positive and optimistic about the network society and says that he believes that it will have a positive impact on almost every aspect of life. I agree with Castells positivity and think that the network society and social media, in general, are great tools to connect us, as a world, into one society. Before the internet it was impossible to be able to talk to and share photos with friends and family in other countries so easily. Castells talks about the concept of timeless time and how easy it is to communicate in this generation, whereas only a few decades ago it would take weeks to send a letter to a family member in another country.

You can be updated in a matter of seconds about what is going on in countries on the other side of the world. The Network Society has created somewhat of a worldwide community and I don’t think that this is a negative thing at all. Where would we be without the internet? It opens so many doors for us all every single day.

As a group when we were creating our magazine, FEMME (as part of the pitch, produce and publish module) Social Media and the ‘network society’ played a huge role. We created an Instagram and Twitter page where we posted teasers for the upcoming magazine. Social Media is also vital in creating a following for a magazine. Whilst creating Femme, we weren’t restricted by time or physical boundaries as we intend the magazine to available worldwide through the internet. Any interviews were conducted either over the phone or via email, and all features were researched using the internet and various online sources.

The internet and the network society is expanding every single day, and I think this is very exciting and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all.