Within this blog post, I will be looking at a journalist role and duty within the surveillance society. believed that the public sphere is an area in ones social life where individuals have a chance to discuss social problems. Through this discussion, they will be able to influence political action.

Although lifestyle and Fashion magazines don’t often push political influences, they are still pushing their reader with a certain ideology. As with Vogue, ELLE and other high fashion magazines, we are sold a life of luxury. Not only that we are made to feel as though we need it to fit into a particular part of society.

Our lifestyle magazines target audience is millennials, young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 particularly females. However, we feel like the range of topics would be of interest to both genders, as well as different age ranges. In the reflection of any possible unfair social relation within our publication, I believe as a team, we have made a point to discourage prejudice. This is strongly reflected in the articles we have produced covering topics from, racism within grinder, the dark side of volunteering in Orphanages and where our tampon tax is going (to anti-abortion charities, just so you know). We have also tried to stop from “whitewashing” our publication which is still widely done, if not purposefully, by a lot of the big fashion magazines, as our cover star is Pony one of the most influential beauty bloggers in South Korea. It was definitely important to us to keep as socially aware as possible and look into many different issues that affect people, not just the vast majority.