Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a single place that is not monitored by security cameras at all times. You see them everywhere – in the shops, the streets, the tube. Even signs of the windows “CCTV OPERATES AT ALL TIMES”. Sometimes it feels like you can’t make a single step without being caught on camera.

But is it as bad as it seems?

A social theorist Jeremy Bentham came up with an interesting concept in the late 18th century. He projected a prison where no matter where the inmates are and what they do – they are always going to feel watched by an officer. The theory behind it was that if people know that they are being watched they are going to refrain from doing something bad because they are aware that the consequences are going to come. My guess is that in today’s society roughly the same principle is currently taking place. People are aware of cameras. They see them, see the signs and are constantly told that any illegal actions are monitored and recorded.

After some thinking, I came to a conclusion – I am not against it. Moreover, I feel protected by CCTV monitoring. I know that if someone decides to break into my flat his face is going to be identified in 2 easy steps – go to the police and get the footage from CCTVs that we have installed in the hall.

Although, it also raises another question – how else could that affect me? Could it take away my privacy in my own home? Can it spy on me? I guess that’s where I draw the line between being comfortable with surveillance and it being borderline creepy. I don’t want to be spied on doing my private stuff but I want to feel safe and protected. That is the statement I am 100% comfortable with.

As long as I am not being watched through my laptop webcam like I’m in some Mr. Robot episode I can say that CCTV does more good than bad.