It’s almost impossible to go anywhere without being watched, on the tube, on the street, in stores, and around every corner, there is a CCTV camera. Similar to the example given in lecture about Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon, a building with a tower at the center where guards of a prison can monitor and watch the inmates at all times so the inmates in response don’t do anything wrong, with fear of the consequences. 
 “Panopticon; or the Inspection-House” – Jeremy Bentham 
CCTV cameras are similar to the Panopticon because we as citizens are constantly being watched and monitored and also fear doing something wrong because of the harsh or illegal consequences. 
But are CCTV cameras bad? 
In my opinion, CCTV cameras are not bad, however, I do think they are taking away our privacy. In fact, we don’t really have any privacy anymore due to CCTV. But with CCTV cameras there is a sense of comfort if something went wrong or someone stole your car or broke into your home you are able to identify who did it and the police can handle it.